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Social Media Management

Having updated and positive social media profiles, blogs, and author accounts will solidify your reputation as an expert in your field and maintain and grow your audience. It will also help keep these assets holding their positions in search engines and continuing to make you look good.

  • We will create one well written piece of content per month that positively portrays you or your company.
  • Gain reviews/comments on your Facebook Page
  • Continuous earning of “Likes” and followers to your social profiles.
  • We will publish this content on your social profiles, twitter, LinkedIn and other accounts.
  • We will perform other maintenance tasks on your social profiles so they stay functional.
  • We will perform basic optimisation to help your assets hold their positions.

Your authority in your field will grow and your clients will have you on their minds when they are looking for your service. They will feel responded to and your company will look organized and on top of things.

Cost: $500 + HST per month

6 month minimum term.

How We Work