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A Cyber Libel Alternative
Are you upset that there is embarrassing content about you on the internet? Are you thinking of going to a lawyer and getting your revenge that way? Maybe you have already talked to a lawyer and they are encouraging you to launch a defamation suit.

We understand your problem. The internet allows strangers to publish negative information about you. Do you want the first thing that your potential customers, investors or employers see when they do a quick search about you to be negative?

Of course not!
And now with Reputation.ca, Canada's #1 online reputation management company, you have an effective alternative to costly lawsuits.

Say NO to :
Losing business due to negative reviews about your company, products or services
Libelous, scandalous and slanderous blog posts, social media updates, web sites.
Being a victim of unfair competitive practices or Internet slander.
Negative news stories about you or your namesake.
Being painted as untrustworthy and shady.
That nasty mugshot.
Having your business deals go down the drain because negative content turned off a possible business partner or investor.
Private documents about you that you don't want people to see.
Falling victim to complaints posted online.
Government filings that harm your reputation.
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and have a fresh start with your online reputation.

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Deal With Cyber-Libel Directly

Handling negative online publicity and reclaiming your good name is not easy and requires technical expertise from experts who understand search algorithms. We all know lawsuits are not only very expensive, but also severely limited. The publishers who host the defamatory content usually have the law on their side despite what lawyers will tell you.

The good news is that you do not have to be a victim of negative content forever. You have another option.

Reputation.ca is the leading online reputation management company in Canada.

  • We specialise in dealing with embarrassing or negative content on Google.ca. Google.ca is very different than Google.com and we have years of experience dealing with the Canadian Google.
  • We succeed because we have a team of experts on our staff who are working on your case. We have Internet marketing professionals, search engine optimization experts, PR practitioners and other expert professionals. When you hire us, you can expect to work with the best in their respective fields.
  • We follow our own proprietary methods as well as the best practices of online reputation management. We do not employ black hat techniques and other underhanded methods in helping you achieve your goal. In short, we do not cheat, nor do we even try.
  • Our years of experience working in online reputation management speak for itself. We are talking about methods that you could only learn by doing, and not by reading about it online.
  • We have worked with dozens of businesses and individuals in making sure that they are portrayed in the best possible light online. Within a short time, our online reputation management services were able to clean related Internet searches and it stayed that way.
  • We offer utmost confidentiality.
  • We look at your case and do the things that we feel are best for you. We do not follow a rigid template or yes/no flowcharts. Instead, we take time to talk about your case, brainstorm and decide what would be effective for you. This customized approach also helps you save some dollars because you do not have to pay for services and activities that ultimately contribute nothing to your goals.

Get a Fresh Start. Fast!

While we offer no specific guarantees where time is concerned, a majority of our online reputation management clients see improvements in their online search profiles in as short as three weeks!

That negative content may have been there for years but we can usually bury it in a few months or get it deleted.

So change your image now. Call Reputation.ca at (416) 934-5023.
OUR 90 DAY Money Back Guarantee
OUR 90 DAY  Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that we will create and rank at least twelve (12) positive assets on the first three pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing within the first 90 days of your campaign or you may cancel your account and receive 100% of all your money back.